Band Together


Uniting Friends, Families, and Alumni of the Avon Marching Black & Gold

The Avon Marching Black & Gold and the performing arts programs that are associated with it have a proud and winning tradition that has impacted hundreds of Avon students over the past decades.  Long before the program was winning state and national titles, young musicians learned the spirit of teamwork and the value of hard work while they made lifelong friends.  Now, the Avon Band program is renowned for its incredible musical performances that make it one of the premier programs in the United States.  More important, the program works with any student who is willing to show up on time and truly strive for excellence. There is no junior varsity in the Avon Band. Participation in the band teaches the things we value most: hard work, pursuit of excellence, and teamwork.

Whether you are a former student, band parent or friend, you are part of a grand tradition. The lessons learned in marching band go far beyond the time spent in high school. Help us preserve the Avon Marching Black & Gold for generations to come!

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Help make sure band is accessible to all of Avon’s kids – Join Us!  


Contact us
Avon Band Together, c/o Barbara Doll, Avon High School, 7575 East CR 150 South, Avon, IN 46123
Phone: 317-374-1706

Barbara Doll, President

Connie Anoskey, Treasurer

Erinn Owen, Secretary

Mary Burkhart, Membership Coordinator

Jane Pfaffenberger, Newsletter Coordinator

Craig McKenna, Board Member

John Sparzo, Board Member

Mandy Sparzo, Board Member

Kathy Harcourt, Board Member

Jay Webb, Advisor