Kids We Are Supporting

Avon Band Together believes that the band program can change lives. Not only does it provide a smaller peer group for kids within the much larger high school, but it helps them develop skills they will use for years to come.

We don’t want financial barriers to stand between kids and their participation in band. With >27% of Avon’s kids having financial needs (as measured by eligibility for the free and reduced lunch program), this is a real concern.

Avon Band Together supported 4 students for the winter of 2016, 8 students for 2016 Marching Season and 5 students for the Winter Season of 2017.  In addition to participation in regional, state and national competitions that all occur in central Indiana, participation in the band provides opportunity to travel and learn about America first-hand. These are opportunities that kids from disadvantaged families may otherwise not experience.  The 2017 Marching Black & Gold will be travelling to Ohio and Texas to participate in BOA Competitions.  We want to help 10 students participate in this life changing opportunity. 

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