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Daniel Wiles Interview:

What is your favorite thing to do outside of color guard/marching band?

Why did you choose Avon (only place hiring, location, school size, etc?)

You and I suffer in a common way on the baseball diamond in that we are both Chicago Cubs fans. What gives us hope about the future?

We heard from Mr. Webb about the show idea coming from you and a Guard show that was completed in your first years here. How did this year’s show idea originally get generated (meeting, random thought, etc.)?

Thoughts on how the show turned out compared to what you had imagined at the start of the year.

What is the process for selecting the music that goes into a guard show?

What is the biggest difference for you between putting a great visual package out there for a marching band show and a great visual package out there for a color guard show?

There have been a lot of great visual concepts employed at Avon over the years; does it get tougher every year to put great ideas out there?

What/who inspired you to start working as a guard staff member?

Webb Interview



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