Avon Invitational Participating Band – 2017

Bands are classified by school enrollment, grades 9-12 only. The Avon Invitational will utilize the ISSMA classification system for enrollment.


  • Scholastic Class A
  • Scholastic Class B
  • Class D is up to 569 students
  • Class C is 570-999
  • Class B is 1,000-1,699
  • Class A is 1,700 and above
  • Any Scholastic Class A & B bands are welcome and invited to participate in the competition or in a judged evaluation only.


The list below is those participating in the Avon Invitational 2017.  The name listed is NOT representative of the order of performances.

Scholastic Class A:

  • Terre Haute North Vigo
  • Terre Haute South Vigo
  • Warren Central


Scholastic Class B:

  • Morristown Jr/Sr High School
  • Tri West School
  • Danville High School
  • South Vermillion
  • North Vermillion
  • North Montgomery
  • Tri-County Jr/Sr/ High School
  • North Putnam High School


Class D:

  • Triton Central
  • Monrovia High School
  • Taylor High School
  • Springs Valley
  • Eastern High School
  • Alexandria Monroe High School
  • Clay City Jr/ Sr. High School

Class C:

  • Edgewood High School


Class B:

  • Greenfield Central
  • Northview
  • Jasper
  • Plainfield High School
  • Beech Grove High School
  • East Noble High School


Class A:

  • Lawrence Township
  • Brownsburg
  • Fishers High School
  • Franklin Central High School



  • Avon High School
  • Marian College


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