Fund-raisers:  Earning money to offset band fees and expenses

You can raise money for all of your band expenses with our fund raising efforts. We will give you an opportunity to sell items where ALL the profit goes for your student’s personal band expenses, such as the annual Choice Products Food sale. Food Sale kickoff was at Freshman Parent Meeting in June. Other fund raising opportunities for the fall include, Gold Card Discount cards with the kick-off on July 28, 2011. Various fundraisers are held during the year and may vary from year to year. Every effort is made to make all families aware of all fundraisers available. We have opportunities to work outside venues during the year. The student/parent may make 7.50 a hour all of which is put into the students account. Please watch for these opportunities to be sent out by e-mail.

Any money earned by fundraising may not be refunded to you in the event of your student either leaving the program or graduating.  It may be applied to a siblings account or to another student’s account by written permission to the band office.

Two of our major general fundraisers are the Avon Marching Band Invitational in September and the IPA State Prelims in March.  These require many hands and talents to support a successful show. For all fundraisers we require parent involvement. We always need parents to assist in the collection of money and forms for the Pizza and Gold Card sales. During the holiday season, our big push is the annual Koeze nut sale which requires the selling and distribution of these by the parents. During the year, any fundraiser that is organized will always need some level of parental involvement. We would ask that you volunteer your time and/or talents when called. Please note, when your student is involved in the selling of a product, such as the pizza and gold cards, the profit from those sales goes directly into their account. When the boosters organize a fundraiser, such as the Marching Invitational and the IPA State Prelims, that money goes into the general account which helps to defray the costs of the band program overall. This helps to keep the fee costs down for all those participating in ALL aspects of the band program.

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