Saxophone Quartet

The Saxophone Quartet Program at Avon has been developed as an extension of the private lesson program, and takes place during the chamber music season (mid-November through early May). Students are given the opportunity to explore other saxophones than their primary instrument during chamber season, if they so choose. Several quartets are assembled annually, and are ability based, with the top quartet performing the more difficult pieces in the French Saxophone Quartet Literature. Each quartet has a weekly coaching session for one hour. All quartets perform in the ISSMA District and State Solo and Ensemble festivals held in January and February.

Through rehearsals in the quartet setting, we focus not only on individual tone quality, intonation, and fundamentals, but also overall tone quality of the group, ensemble musicianship and communication, ensemble chordal balance and tuning, and historical context of the literature that is to be performed. A byproduct of quartet performance is that the members of each quartet gain a sense of camaraderie, confidence, and ownership of the music in a way that is different from solo performing.

Performing in a Saxophone Quartet is an integral part of a complete saxophone education, and I highly encourage any student that is interested in participating to contact me at beginning of November, so they can be placed in the appropriate quartet.

Click HERE to see a list of literature that has been performed by the Saxophone Quartets at Avon.

Also, check out some videos of previous saxophone quartets at Avon.

Andante and Scherzo by Eugene Bozza

Excerpts from Variations for Saxophone Quartet by Pierre Max Dubois

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