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As many of you know, we used Scrip as a way to earn money to help us go to the Rose Parade.  You earn money by purchasing gift cards through Great Lakes Scrip Center.   This year we are going to continue with this program but the BIG change will be that the money earned will go to your student’s account.

All you have to do is purchase gift cards for places you plan to shop and use those cards instead of cash or credit. You earn a percentage of the card’s value.  You can order these cards as often as you need by signing up for Shop with Scrip and having your order deducted from your checking or savings account.

Once there are a sufficient number of orders, the order will be released for shipping. We pay $13.50 for shipping/handling for each order.  Until more people are ordering each month, we will deduct $1.50 from each student’s profits to cover this cost.  As we progress, this fee will be re-evaluated.  We would like to place an order twice a month: on the 15th and 30th so you won’t run out of cards.

It’s easy to do, just follow the instructions below and let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Go to, click on “Create Account” in the green box labeled “Family Sign Up”

It is important you indicate your student’s name, when creating your account, in order for you to receive credit for these purchases to your individual student account.  

Fill in the required information – that will include an enrollment code.  You will need to contact the band office for this code.  You can contact the office by emailing or calling 317.544.5093.  You can also contact the AMBG Scrip Coordinator by email at

Click on “I Accept”

If you wish to pay for your cards directly from your bank account please the instructions below.   You may still pay for scrip with a check when you pick up your cards.    HOWEVER, YOU MUST ORDER ONLINE FOR THE CREDIT TO GO TO YOUR STUDENT’S ACCOUNT.   IF YOU PURCHASE CARDS THROUGH THE BAND DEPARTMENT THE PROFIT WILL NOT BE APPLIED TO YOUR STUDENT’S ACCOUNT.

When finished go to “My Account” on the top toolbar

Click on Presto-Pay on the left toolbar

Fill in the required information

Click on “Next”

Within 2 days there will be 2 random deposits in your savings/checking account. Make a note of the amounts then sign back in to the Presto-Pay page. Enter the amounts that were deposited. You will be emailed a 4 digit number that you need to forward to Deb Claus (here is a 15₵ convenience fee each time you use PrestoPay).

The Scrip center also has a program called ScripNow! You can order, pay for, and print the card and use it within minutes. YOU MUST BE SIGNED UP FOR PRESTOPAY TO USE SCRIPNOW!  There aren’t very many of those yet but a few are, Home Depot, On the Border/Chili’s, O’Charleys, itunes, and CVS pharmacy. There are also a number of cards that can be reloaded. Just look for the “recycle” icon next to the brand.

If you have any questions please contact Deb Claus,, cell: 317-431-7460.

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