Sponsor a Student in the Avon High School’s Marching Band

Are you looking for a way to make a difference as a business or an individual?  Sponsor a student in Avon’s Band program – and change a life!  Avon Band Together was formed to help students participate despite financial hardships.  

Sponsorship Opportunities: 

Drumline Sponsorship Opportunity:

Marching band and drumline costs:
• $1,000 = Band fees for the 2018 fall season
• $1,200 = Drumline fees for 2019 winter season

Before the band and drumline, I was a very reserved person, and I had few acquaintances, let alone friends. My peers and my instructors helped me break out of my isolation and supported me through the dark time of my parents’ divorce. Performing in front of thousands of people has done wonders for my self-esteem and the changes can even be seen in academics as my grades have improved and my public speaking skills have dramatically increased. My Father is unemployed and has not been paying child support, so my single Mother works to support me and my 3 siblings.

Junior Drumline, 2018-19

Color Guard Sponsorship Opportunity:

Marching band and color guard costs
• $1,000 = Band fees for the 2018 fall season
• $1,200 = Color Guard fees for 2019 winter season

Honestly, it’s hard to remember what my life was like before guard was a part of it, but I know I spent too much time alone in my room, always bored. Now, my life is full of friends and beautiful shows. One of the best parts of being in color guard and band, in general, is that you make a second family. I’ve learned to get past differences with others and finally understand what real teamwork is all about. My mother is a single mom who works as many shifts as she can as a server in a restaurant. After essential bills, she always puts me first, but guard fees are a big burden on her.

Junior Color Guard, 2018-19

Hornline Sponsorship Opportunity:

Marching band and indoor winds costs
• $1,000 = Band fees for the 2018 fall season
• $300-400 = Indoor wind fees for 2019 winter season

By myself, I am but one person, but in the band, we move fluidly as if we were one large body. This gives me a feeling that is best described as empowering—and by the end of the season, it is very emotional. The marching band has provided a network of friends at all levels in the school helping me feel connected. Without this, I would have felt lost in such a large school. Overall, the marching band has made me a much better person. It has taught me a lot about demanding work and discipline. It fills up time that otherwise would be spent doing nothing and has opened new worlds to me (like traveling to Texas last year). My Father is disabled and can only work part-time. My Mother works full time as a teaching assistant. She often works side jobs to get extra money to help support activities for me and my siblings.

Sophomore Hornline, 2018-19

Avon Band Together believes that the band program can change lives.   Would you like to be part of this life changing experience for any one of the students? 

If yes, then please contact Barbara Doll at bthelpingkids@gmail.com

About Avon Band Together

Changing Lives!

We believe that the band program can change lives. Not only does it provide a smaller peer group for kids within the much larger high school, but it helps them develop important skills like teamwork, discipline and time management that they will use for years to come. Studies show that students in the performing arts have higher graduation rates, better grades and are less likely to use alcohol and other drugs. Plus, the hours spent practicing provides valuable time away from computer and phone screens and plenty of exercise

In addition to participation in regional, state and national competitions that occur in central Indiana, band often involves unique opportunities, like trips to Texas (2017) and marching in the Indianapolis 500 Parade (2018). These are opportunities that kids from disadvantaged families may otherwise not experience.

We don’t want financial barriers to stand between kids and their participation. More than 27% of AHS students have financial needs (as measured by eligibility for the free and reduced lunch program).


Join Avon Band Together
Our goal is to support at least 10 students in the fall marching season and 10 in the winter seasons for drumline and guard through our membership.

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