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Host IPA-Volunteer Sign Up

March 23

Please note: All times are subject to change based on event schedule.
Admissions: Collect money and scan paper or digital tickets for admissions. Ensure that all spectators have a ticket and a handstamp or wristband. May need to use personal smart phone. Please bring your personal charger. Answer questions and be a cordial and welcoming representation of Avon Marching Black & Gold. Adults only. No students please.
Button Table: Assist making and selling buttons.
Concessions: Cheerfully serving many people as quickly as possible and maintaining a clean and well stocked concessions area. End group will help clean up kitchen & take any extra stock back to band area.
Corner Monitor: Directing flow of traffic outside of the unit warm up areas into the performance area to prevent units crossing paths. Possibly serve in other corner areas to direct flow of units. Adults or high school students only.
Hospitality: Assist Hospitality team in providing first class amenities for our guest directors, their staff, and bus and equipment vehicle drivers. From keeping buffets replenished with food and beverages to washing dishes, there are many jobs associated with this position. Adults only.
Parking (Outdoor Logistics): Assist with directing equipment vehicles to the designated unloading door and, school buses to the student drop off location. Assist with guiding spectators and directors to their designated parking areas and buses and equipment vehicles to their post unloading parking spot. Help manage the flow of all incoming and outgoing traffic. This job is outdoors. Adults only. No students please.
Pre Contest Set-up(3/22): Assisting with various jobs such as setting up tables and chairs, hanging signs, pre checking home rooms (if applicable), assisting with hospitality and concessions set up, etc…
Prop Doors Performance Gym Entrance/Exit: Opening and holding doors for units and prop and equipment crew to enter the gym for their performance and exit afterwards. Ensuring that there is no admittance or exit from designated doors during a performance. Adults please. No students.
Prop and Equipment Unloading Door @ Fieldhouse: Greet units as they arrive to unload, and direct them to the lane designated for their props and equipment. Ensure that anyone, entering through the equipment door, has an IPA pass, handstamp, or wristband. This position will require exposure to the elements as it involves opening and closing the door. If you choose this job, please dress appropriately.
Spectator Door Entrance: Hold door open in between performances and ensure that all spectators have a wristband, handstamp, or official IPA pass. Close doors during performances and prevent entry or exit until performance is complete. Upper door monitors ask spectators to be seated and not stand against railing.
Student Door Lower: This is an area is where the performers will enter to watch. Please ensure that students have a wristband or stamp. Make sure no one enters or exits during performances and stop traffic flow when Units are exiting.
Student Door Upper: Monitor area on 2nd floor to keep students seated in bleachers and not standing against side railing.
Tabulation/Commentary: Check to see that all judges are actively recording for each group. Check commentary to see that it is coming in and proper sound quality. Work woth IPA staff as needed to prep awards. You will need to bring your own computer, charger, and headphones.
Tarp Folding Area: (ALC)Maintain a presence in the tarp folding area and ensure that the units fold and remove their tarps in a timely fashion. The area must be clear for the next group to use immediately after their performance. Hold door open for prop equipment loading. Be prepared for weather. No loading necessary.
Unit Check-In: Greet each Unit cheerfully upon their arrival. Provide unit directors with their packet and answer any questions they might have. Take money and provide wristbands to additional staff that do not have passes. Keep records of which units have arrived or checked out and maintain paperwork pertaining to homeroom usage (if applicable). Monitor Hallways between check-ins. Adults only. No students.
Video Recording Monitor: Record each Unit performance. This is a job for an ADULT who can stay at this post for the entire shift as to not miss a recording. Starting and stopping recording at appropriate time. You will be sitting. Breaks at appropriate times are given. IPA event coordinators will provide equipment and training. Please note you will be in the gym and get to watch several performances. Adults Only Please.
Volunteer Check-in: Provide volunteers with information and supplies they will need for their shift. All necessary items will be provided to you by your Contest Committee prior to first shift arrival. Verify that volunteers know where to go to begin work and that they have either their hand stamped or are wearing a wristband. Adults only. No students please.
Warm-up Timer: In order to keep the contest on schedule, it is imperative that the warm-up timer keep each unit within their allocated time slot. A very brief meeting will take place a few days prior to the contest to discuss the details of this position. This job is loud. If you don’t like drums, this is not the job for you. Adults only.
Other duties include: Helping units in and out of the Warm-up area, monitoring the condition of the tarp, alerting contest committee if it needs to be stretched and re-taped and, assisting directors with whatever they might need while they are in the warm-up area. Adults only. No students please.


March 23

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