Members are the foundation of Avon Band Together. With annual membership starting at just $25 for recent graduates and $40 for others, you can join us and show your pride and dedication to the Avon Marching Black & Gold.  New members receive an exclusive lanyard and member card. We have raised over 35,000 to help kids and the band program with an all volunteer board.

Unfortunately, marching band kids need something else in addition to passion, diligence, musicianship and a willingness to sacrifice their free time. They need money to cover the cost of participation. We do not want financial hardship to stand between an Avon teen and the opportunity to be a part of this high performing team.  Participation in a full year of Guard costs a family over $3000! A full year of Drumline comes in around $2750. With the average family income in Washington Township about $75,000 and about 4% living below the poverty line, it is easy to see why the cost of band programs could be a barrier for some families.  Another somewhat startling fact is that the percentage of children who are part of the free or reduced cost lunch program (an objective measure of financial hardship) has risen from 11% in 2008 to 27% in 2014.  And, remember, many families have more than one kid participating at the same time—nearly doubling their annual costs.

For those who want to make an even bigger impact, Avon Band Together offers sponsorship opportunities. As a sponsor you can choose to support kids in specific components of the program (Guard, Hornline or Drumline). Or, if you prefer, you can contribute to the Travel Fund to help kids participate in out-of-state trips.  If you want to make a long-lasting impact to the program, consider adding a donation to the Uniform Replacement Fund.  Give to what moves you!

As a committee of the Band Boosters (a 501c3 not-for-profit), your contributions to Band Together are tax-deductible!

Special Note for Corporate Sponsors: What would make your contribution meaningful to your business? Contact us at bthelpingkids@gmail.com to start the discussion.


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